Working with Sagacity Golf is easy. We guide you through the on-boarding process so you can get started using our performance tools and increase your course’s revenue.

Step 1
Confidentiality Agreement
  • Binds Sagacity Golf to keep your data confidential and protected
  • Outlines how your data is used
Step 2
Export Data
  • Collect historical data from your tee sheet & point of sale system covering the last 48 months
  • Ongoing monthly exports are quick & simple
Step 3
Validate Data
  • Reconcile exported data with your trusted reports
  • Identify and correct differences
  • Validation occurs when margin of error is less than 3%
Step 4
Identify & Add Adjustments
  • Adjust for pre or post-paid green fee programs
  • Capture loyalty or access card sales revenue
  • Include cart fees

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