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More profit. Less work.

Automatically set the right price in foreUP for every tee time.

Sagacity adds tens of thousands in new profits every year by automatically optimizing your tee time rates 24/7.

Sagacity simplifies the everyday tasks that drive the greatest return: pricing and managing your tee times. Automatically set the right price, without crunching numbers and digging through spreadsheets. Save hundreds of hours every season spent managing your tee sheet and rates.

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Price like Uber, Marriott & Southwest Airlines

Modern companies set prices using historical data and forecasted demand. Sagacity uses the same approach. When demand for a tee time is high, the price increases automatically (otherwise, you’re leaving money on the table).

Drive new rounds during slower hours

Not all price adjustments can be up. Hours running behind expected levels are automatically promoted via text and your website.

Stop guessing how to price group business

Simply plug in the size, format, date & time into our online calculator and get a quote that is profitable and competitive.

Your own trusted advisor

Every Sagacity customer gets a dedicated revenue manager to walk you through setup and pricing. It’s like having another member on your team.

Simple & easy to use

Interfaces directly to your tee sheet. You change nothing in your rates, golfer types, or other tee sheet settings.

I added over $19K in profit just in the month of August thanks to Sagacity. It’s easy and it works.

Chip Hierlihy , General Manager, Fieldstone Golf Club

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