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The first step in growing your revenue is understanding your data. The Free PGA Operations Benchmark is a great place to begin sharing your data and benchmarking your performance in your local market. If you are ready to jump ahead and start unlocking revenue right now, you can setup a demo to see us in action. See all pricing plans.

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PGA Operations Benchmark

PGA Operations Benchmark - Benchmarking Reveals True Performance

Starting with PGA Operations Benchmark is the first step to get your operation up and running with Sagacity’s leading revenue tools for no cost. Submitting your data is easy and the service is totally free for everyone. If you are a PGA Member, you can even earn MSR Credits.

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See Sagacity in Action – Get A Demo

See Sagacity in Action – Get A Demo

If you aren’t ready to start with PGA Operations Benchmark and want to see a demo of our leading platform, we get it. We love talking to courses and showing how our entire suite of products can benchmark your performance, optimize your pricing, and grow your revenue.