Benchmark delivers an in-depth analysis to help you understand the performance of your tee sheet compared to the local market, including your direct competitors.

Imagine playing a tournament on a par 72 course in bad weather. You shoot 80. Are you ahead or behind? Eight over par indicates you’re behind, but the leaderboard shows you’re only two shots off the lead. Now think of “par” as your monthly budget. While 80 is a poor result against par, it’s an excellent result against your competition or “competitive set.”

Reports from your software vendor or management company only go so far. As an independent provider, Benchmark allows you to select a competitive set from other ownerships and management companies using different software vendors, offering you the clearest view of market performance.

As a trusted partner, we bring all the data together—mapping rate codes, validating and adjusting revenue for programs like player cards and memberships—to present you with the most accurate and respected report in the golf industry. Benchmark is everything you need to truly understand how your tee sheet performs—delivered monthly, right to your inbox.

Golf Benchmark
“Using benchmarking without a doubt, I’m spending less time managing our pricing at our golf courses and getting better results.”
Mike Woods, Director of Golf at Haggin Oaks Golf Complex

Benchmark includes 26 reports that reveal tee sheet performance

General Reports
  • Monthly Performance Detail
  • CompSet and Industry Summary Segments Detail
  • 18-Month Historical Report
  • Day of the Week Report
  • Month by Day Report
  • Response Details
  • Distribution
  • Heat Map
  • Additional Revenue Opportunity
Rate Group Reports
  • DayPart Current Month
  • DayPart Current Month for Mon-Sun (7 Reports)
  • DayPart Last 3 Months
  • DayPart Year to Date
  • DayPart Last 12 Months
Snapshot Reports
  • Current Month Performance
  • CompSet & Industry Segments
  • Day of the Week
  • 18-Months
  • Daily for the Month
  • DayPart Segmentation

Key Performance Indicators Defined

Occupancy %

Rounds played divided into capacity. A round played is a round “checked-in’ on the tee sheet, whether nine holes, 18-holes, comp, barter, etc. Capacity changes seasonally, starting 25 minutes after sunrise and ending 4.5 hours before sunset, factoring in tee sheet set-up, e.g., rounds per hour.

Average Rate Per Round $

Green fee related revenue divided by rounds played. Green fee related revenue includes green fees, cart fees, prepaid green fees, annual pass, membership, access or loyalty card revenue.

Revenue Per Available Round $

Occupancy Percentage multiplied by Average Rate Per Round. RevPAR is the most important of the four KPI’s because it speaks to how well all sold rounds were monetized. ARPR recognizes just rounds played, whereas, RevPAR takes into account ALL Available slots.

Channel Mix %

Rounds being booked from 3rd-Party sites like and are examples of indirect rounds. Rounds booked direct are rounds from the golf course website, the golf course call center, and walk-up. A high Channel Mix percentage indicates the majority of rounds are booked direct.

Partnerships & Discounts

The PGA of America and the National Golf Course Owners Association have partnered with Sagacity to offer special member-only discounts on our products and services. Contact us to learn more.

PGA of America

Golf Benchmarking 101Download our Golf Benchmarking 101 Guide and Learn:

  • Why benchmarking works for the golf industry
  • What key performance indicators to track
  • What data a golf industry report provides
  • How to use a market data report to improve your golf operation

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