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NGCOA Partners with Sagacity Golf to improve data intelligence at the golf course level

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The National Golf Course Owners Association (NGCOA) has partnered with Sagacity Golf to offer golf course and geographic market benchmarking reports to NGCOA members at a discount through its Smart Buy purchasing program.

Benchmark (Formerly The ORCA Report) has been providing occupancy, revenue, channel mix, and average rate per round information for golf courses since January 2016. Sagacity Golf currently provides reports to more than 800 courses in Arizona, California, Nevada, Illinois, Texas, Hawaii, South Carolina, Florida, and many more. This partnership will provide discounts on Benchmark reporting to NGCOA member courses across the U.S.

For contributing data to Benchmark, current NGCOA members will receive a free monthly rounds and revenue market benchmark report.

NGCOA members can upgrade to a report that includes more details, such as comp set information, barter opportunity cost, rounds and revenue by day, daypart & rate group, at a 30% to 50% reduction off retail rate.

Non NGCOA Members receive a one-year NGCOA membership with any paid Benchmark Report Subscription.

Benchmark is a NGCOA Smart Buy Marketplace Supplier
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The NGCOA Takes Leadership Position

The National Golf Course Owners Association has been a proponent for the golf industry to organize a benchmarking platform.  Read CEO Jay Karen’s blog post.

For more than 30 years, the hotel industry has been contributing data to a trusted, independent entity, who in turn has been publishing a comparative benchmarking report.

The golf industry needs something similar to help it move the business forward by helping golf courses manage 3rd Parties, share performance with others and price tee time inventory better.

NGCOA has selected Sagacity Golf as the partner to improve the data collection and reporting efforts for all members of NGCOA. This decision by the NGCOA signals a strong move forward and improves data intelligence at the golf course level.

Why Golf Courses Participate

Understand Historical Performance Data

  • Get validated and confidential data directly from your tee sheet on your rounds, green fee revenue and average rate.
  • Know from what source your rounds are being booked.
  • Compare your course to others in your competitive set and know where you stand.
  • Provide needed information to your boss or owner about rounds and revenue in the market.
  • Know exactly what your barter rounds cost you in opportunity revenues.
  • Price your rounds based on data for maximum yield.
  • Understand your rounds and revenue by days of the week and parts of each day.
  • Because you have many obligations each day, we make it easy to participate.  You simply export data from your system and all of this information is supplied to you.

Leading The Way

Who’s already participating?

At this time, more than 800 golf courses are contributing data and subscribing. Participants are doing their part to help the market grow through better comparative benchmarking.

Partial Sampling of Leading Owner/Operators:

  • Markets
    • Phoenix, Arizona
    • Las Vegas, Nevada
    • Palm Springs, California
    • Chicago, Illinois
    • Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
    • Hawaiian Islands
  • Multi-Course Operators
    • Arcis Golf
    • Billy Casper Golf
    • OB Sports
    • Touchstone
    • Troon
  • Independently Managed Golf Courses
    • Grayhawk Golf Club
    • Half Moon Bay Golf Links
    • Cinnabar Hills Golf Club
    • Lone Tree Golf Club

Golf Benchmarking 101Download our Golf Benchmarking 101 Guide and Learn:

  • Why benchmarking works for the golf industry
  • What key performance indicators to track
  • What data a golf industry report provides
  • How to use a market data report to improve your golf operation

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