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Partnership Overview

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Earn up to 10 MSR Credits Annually with Benchmark

The Southwest Section PGA and Sagacity Golf have partnered to make the Benchmark Report the preferred rounds and revenue benchmark platform in the Southwest PGA.

Participating in Benchmark with Sagacity Golf, PGA Members in the Southwest Section can earn up to ten MSR Credits annually through this partnership.

Benchmark is the only independent, complete, and validated green fee performance report in the golf industry.  The monthly report allows subscribers to confidentially and anonymously compare your golf course’s performance against the market and a self-selected collection of competitors.

The participation and educational partnership will allow Members to learn about the key performance indicators used to evaluate green fee results. Green Fees are the revenue engine that drives public golf course performance. Any PGA Member interested in enhancing their revenue management understanding and increasing their value to the golf course owner will take advantage of this opportunity.

Three Ways to Earn Member Service Requirement Credits

Benchmark Data Provider

1/2 credit each month

Supplying data to Sagacity each month is the responsibility of the Benchmark Data Provider. This PGA Member also acts as the primary contact point should question arise about the data. This role should be accessible and responsive to the Sagacity Data Analytic Team should there be questions.

Benchmark Facility Review (BFR)

1 Credit Each BFR Session

Sagacity will deliver a Benchmark Report electronically to the Benchmark Data Provider and/or additional designees quarterly. The BFR is a one-hour session led by a Sagacity Golf Customer Success Manager. The session focuses on the KPI’s in the report. These group meetings can be scheduled once per quarter.

Quarterly Education Seminars

1 Credit per Attendance. 4 Max

All PGA Members are eligible to attend quarterly revenue management education seminars. Sagacity Golf will tailor the education session’s content to the current season and what’s happening in the golf revenue management space. Members from participating facilities are eligible to participate without an additional fee.

Program FAQs
My facility is not participating, how can we start?2022-12-14T12:30:04-08:00

If your golf course allows public play, and if you use an electronic tee sheet and point of sale system to manage your tee time inventory, you are eligible to participate. Schedule a quick introductory call.

What is Benchmark?2021-02-16T14:16:23-08:00

Benchmark is the only way to know your golf course’s true performance. In one screen, see the numbers that matter most — your rounds, revenue, occupancy and booking mix — and how they stack up to your competition and market.

Benchmark is a quick and easy way to check the health of your business. Easily see if your numbers are up or down, compared to previous months, based on historical data from your course, your competition and the market.

As the only independent benchmarking tool in the industry, Benchmark is helping markets grow nationwide. Golf course owners and managers are discovering the true value of their tee times and maximizing their green fee revenue across the board.

How do I earn my MSR Credits?2021-02-16T14:15:11-08:00

PGA Members can earn MSR Credits in three ways:

  1. Being the Benchmark Data Provider at your facility will earn 1/2 MSR points each month. A maximum of six points during one annual subscription. Note: There is only one PGA Member per facility who can be the BDP.
  2. Participate in the monthly Benchmark Facility Review (BFR) at your participating facility. This one-hour ZOOM call with a Benchmark expert and other Members at your facility will earn 1 credit for each BFR session.
  3. Join in on a quarterly Revenue Management education session offered by the Education Committee of the Southwest Section. These 60-minute relevant and informative seminars lead by industry experts, and your PGA peers will earn 1 MSR point for each attendance.
How do I report my MSR Credit to the PGA?2021-02-16T14:17:00-08:00

That’s simple. Sagacity will record attendance at each Monthly Benchmark Facility Review (BFR) and report to PGA Staff.

How much does it cost for me to participate?2021-02-17T13:44:57-08:00

It doesn’t cost you anything to participate as the BDP and receive a basic report for free. If your facility subscribes to the Benchmark Report ($1,188 annually), you and other Members at your facility are eligible to earn credits via the quarterly Benchmark Facility Review (BFR).

How will participation help me as a PGA Member?2021-02-05T08:21:40-08:00

As a PGA Member, you are the leader and an expert in the business of golf. By studying green fee revenue management, you develop the skill to analyze performance and grow revenue. Seventy-percent of golf course revenue comes from green fees. A larger percentage of income drops to the bottom line from greens fees than any other golf course operation component. If you want a long and successful career in the golf industry, learn how to increase revenue.

Where can I find a list of participating facilities?2021-02-05T15:45:36-08:00
The Southwest Section PGA encompasses all of Arizona and Clark County, Nevada. There are approximately 300 public golf courses in the Section, of which 110 currently participate in Benchmark. A complete list is available by visiting our Southwest Section Public Course List.
Are there any technical requirements for my facility to participate?2021-02-05T08:19:57-08:00

No. There are no technical requirements. Sagacity requires that participating facilities supply data monthly in electronic format. We have automatic integrations with industry-leading electronic tee sheet and point of sale systems; foreUP, Lightspeed, and Club Prophet Systems. Sagacity can transform data files from certified systems such as sZen, TeeSnap, and Jonas. Sagacity can use data files from EZLinks, GolfNow Reservations, EZSUITE, and others too.

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