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Group bookings should be the most lucrative business for your golf course. Groups book in advance, pay more per player and spend more on merchandise and food and beverage. And this makes them harder to price accurately.

Group Calculator

To quote any size group, you have to look up last year’s rates, pull reports, crunch numbers and have them reviewed for approval. It’s a laborious process that still involves guesswork.

Group is a calculator that instantly reveals the best price range for any group. Simply plug in the factors you want to consider — size, date, time, etc. — and get the right answer, based on your course’s historical data and future demand. It’s the quickest way to make sure every quote is profitable and competitive.

Group Calculator

Before Group, I would have to spend a lot of time looking at our historical data, pulling all the reports and doing the math. Group has saved me a ton of time: at least 15 minutes on every proposal.

Jason Fortman
Tournament Sales Director, Arcis Golf

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