An important update on PGA Operations Benchmark

Sagacity Golf appreciates the PGA of America’s partnership on PGA Operations Benchmark. Nearly 1,000 courses participated for free. While the partnership ends on December 31st, 2023, the program will continue.

Beginning in January 2024, participants will be asked to pay a $99 monthly fee to receive Operations Benchmark.

Using aggregated market data from participating facilities, Operations Benchmark gives operators the power to make data-driven decisions.

Operations Benchmark is the only way to truly understand how your course compares to the market. Our benchmarks offer the clearest picture of overall facility performance and empower operators to make informed decisions that are backed-up by independent data.

Your custom report is compiled monthly and presented in an interactive online format. It’s the easiest way to see and understand key market factors that impact your business—all at your fingertips.

Report Overview

We start with a comparison of your total rounds, green fee revenue and average rate. For each, you see the market number, an index showing if you are above or below the market, and how the index changed from last month. It’s a powerful snapshot of current performance and shows how you’re trending.

A comparison of your total rounds, green fee revenue and average rate.

Rounds & Rates by Category

Just like the clubs in your golf bag deliver different results on the course, Rate Categories deliver different results for your facility. Group rounds typically deliver the highest yield, followed by Public, and Promo. Cardholder and Member are rounds played by your most “loyal” golfers, and Comp and Barter rounds should be watched closely. By taking all individual Fee Names from your tee sheet and mapping them to common categories, Operations Benchmark offers you the ability to evaluate how you fill your tee sheet compared to the market.

Rounds & Rates by Category

Revenue & Average Price by Category

For most facilities, Green Fees & Cart Fees account for more than 80% of Revenue by Category. Here you compare your main revenue category to the market along with your other major categories like Retail/Merchandise, Food & Beverage, and Driving Range. The percentage of sales for each category is compared to the market along with the average price per item. It’s a clear measure of how each sales category stacks up with your peers.

Revenue & Average Price by Category
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Round & Green Fee Benchmarks

Round & Green Fee Benchmarks

Golf Facility Occupancy = Rounds Played / Capacity

You probably know and compare your rounds month-to-month and year-over-year. But when your rounds are trending up or down, do you know if that’s market-driven or due to course conditions or your marketing efforts? The Occupancy benchmark helps answer that question. Your percent of occupancy is compared to the market average with a simple index showing if you are performing above or below the market average.

ARPR = Green Fee Revenue / Rounds Played

Your average rate is a common measure of your month-to-month rate performance. While not as revealing as RevPAR, it’s an important performance indicator, especially when you can compare it directly with the market average.

RevPAR = Green Fee Revenue  / Capacity

RevPAR is based on all available rounds. It’s a better indicator of course performance than ARPR and provides the truest measure of how you’re doing. Comparing your RevPAR to the market average removes the veil on course performance.

Group Bookings = Group Rounds / Total Rounds

Group bookings are usually the most lucrative business for your golf course. Groups book in advance, pay more per player and spend more on merchandise and food and beverage. Are you doing as much group business as others in your market? Quoting group business can be challenging: Overpricing sends business to your competitors and underpricing may result in less overall revenue. Once you understand how your course compares, there are group pricing tools available to help you make sure every quote is profitable and competitive.

Round & Green Fee Benchmarks
Revenue Benchmarks

Revenue Benchmarks

Revenue Benchmarks

Golf Revenue Per Round = Golf Revenue / Rounds

Golf revenue per round includes all revenues related to rounds played. It includes green fees, cart fees and other green fee related revenue. It’s a great indicator of how your numbers compare.

Retail Revenue Per Round = Retail Revenue / Rounds

A strong retail operation can provide significant additional revenue. Knowing if you are leading or lagging behind the market on a per round basis will help you decide if new retail efforts could improve overall revenue.

Food & Beverage Per Round = Food & Beverage Revenue / Rounds

The food and beverage operation can be another significant revenue generator for many courses. Could you be doing more based on market benchmarks? If you are below the market average, it’s a strong indicator that you have room to grow your F&B revenue.

Total Revenue Per Round = Total Revenue / Rounds

Total revenue per round wraps-up course performance into one simple benchmark. Everything is on the table when you compare this overall average to your market. Being above or below this average is the-buck-stops-here of performance indicators.

TruDemand Analysis

TruDemand Technology

Using our TruDemand Dynamic Pricing Technology, we display how much more could have been generated in green fee revenue by implementing demand-based price optimization. We know the hourly demand for tee times at your facility and can confidently project these revenue gains. Don’t leave this money on the table every month.

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