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Not all tee times are created equal — 20% of your tee times drive 50% of your total green fee revenue. These are your Power Hours: tee times with the highest demand, based on historical course and market data. You can charge more for them.

But most golf courses are under-pricing their Power Hours by 15% … or more.

So, are you leaving money on the table? Power Hours’ patent pending technology makes it easy to know when you can charge more for a tee time. Instead of wasting effort on filling unpopular, low value tee times, Power Hours helps you focus on the tee times that have the greatest impact on your bottom line.

Look ahead at your Power Hours for the entire year, so you can optimize your pricing strategy where it counts — and increase your overall green free revenue with confidence.

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Power Hours helps us make more money. It clearly shows where I have the power to charge more for my green fees. It’s helped me uncover new opportunities that surprised me.

Greg Avant
Lone Tree Golf Club

Power Hour Features

Rate Category Breakdown

Quickly see how each rate category contributes into your total revenue.

The full detail

Gain insight into your average revenue, revenue per average round and player mix.

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