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Tee time pricing has the biggest impact on your revenue. But how do you know your prices are right? You can spend hours looking at your tee sheet, last year’s numbers and your competitors’ rates — and there’s still an element of guesswork.

Price Check helps you set rates with confidence. Quickly arrive at the right price for any tee time, based on your historical data. Price Check does the number crunching for you, so you’re free to focus on other things.

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Check Your Revenue

See what your average revenue is for any hour, on any day, based on your historical data. Check your average rate and occupancy for a specific tee time. Know what to charge for holidays.

Check Your Base Rates

Know what your base rate should be for any given date range, based on your historical data. Quickly check your base rate across different months and seasons. Set the most profitable rate for your course.

Instead of having to throw a rate out there, cross my fingers and hope, I’m able to quote a rate that I know is competitive.

Jason Fortman
Tournament Sales Director, Arcis Golf

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