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The Quick18 tee sheet processes millions of reservations every year at the busiest, most demanding golf facilities. We provide a custom booking engine and a suite of marketing tools, including a mobile app. No matter your unique situation, we can handle your requirements.

Q18 Tee Sheet
Daily View
Multi-Course View
Email Marketing

All the features you expect from a tee sheet.

We built our tee sheet to be flexible and easy to use.

The Quick18 tee sheet comes with a Starter view and a search view in addition to the complete tee sheet view. Your team will love how responsive and simple it is to use the Quick18 tee sheet.

  • Demand-based dynamic pricing
  • Book and edit individuals and groups
  • Safe and reliable access for wholesalers
  • Custom intervals
  • Double tee and shotgun capable
  • Checked-in and no-show statuses
  • Squeeze times
  • Group bookings
  • Coordinated player profile pricing
  • Hard and soft blocks
  • Promo code and reward programs
  • Integrations with golf and hospitality software

  • Set up multiple 9 holes
  • Daily utilization and weather feed
  • Supports multi-course itineraries
  • Supports real-time booking engine

Why We Offer POS Integrations

Flexibility for Our Clients:
Rather than boxing our partners into a one-size-fits-all solution, we provide integrations to several leading POS systems. This allows you to choose a platform that aligns with your business needs and preferences.

Seamless Transition:
We understand changing operational systems can be daunting. Our integration options mean you can retain your existing POS system, minimizing disruption and learning curves.

Continuous Support:
Our team works closely with each POS provider to ensure smooth integrations, delivering ongoing support and updates as needed.

Our Trusted POS Integration Partners


The heartbeat of your business

Manage orders, sales, and payments in one place with powerful cloud-based software, transparent payment processing and restaurant-grade hardware all built for the restaurant industry by restaurant people.


The complete golf course POS system

Complement your tee sheet with a best-in-class POS. With hundreds of reports at your finger tips and the ability to check out golfers in just a few clicks, there’s no better way to get your players checked out and satisfied with their purchases.

Clover Golf Course POS

A POS system designed to make things easy

Your Clover® point of sale (POS) system makes running your business a breeze – whether you manage a restaurant, brick-and-mortar retail shop, eCommerce store, or service business. Use our all-in-one, tailored POS system to manage every aspect of your growing venture – accepting payments to organizing inventory to managing your team. All at your fingertips – anytime and anywhere.

TruDemand Analysis

TruDemand Technology

Using our TruDemand Dynamic Pricing Technology, we display how much more could have been generated in green fee revenue by implementing demand-based price optimization. We know the hourly demand for tee times at your facility and can confidently project these revenue gains. Don’t leave this money on the table every month.

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