2023 was a great year for golf. Demand was still up and many courses continue to maintain the Covid bump. Seize this moment to explore new ways for expanding your revenue this year.

Don’t miss out on the increased demand in 2024! Take the time now to to get your pricing set to capture as much revenue as possible. Having Sagacity’s dynamic pricing technology working around the clock to optimize your pricing will make sure you capture as much revenue as possible.

Step 1
Set your rates and let Sagacity work.
Sagacity’s patent-pending dynamic pricing interfaces with your tee sheet and nudges the rates higher where demand is strong, and discounts ONLY the hours falling behind. Stop guessing on where and when to adjust rates! We’ll work with you and set the conditions on when and how much to change prices. You remain in complete control. The fact of the matter is the manual adjustment of tee times cannot be made with enough precision to optimize your revenue.
Step 2
There is a better way to promote your deals.

Offer the best deals on your website, and make them easy to find.  Sagacity’s Dynamic Pricing software automatically hunts for the spots in your tee sheet that are behind pace, prices them to sell and posts them on your website. As customers book, and you get back on pace, the discount reduces and ultimately goes away. The Daily Deals widget is the cornerstone to growing your online bookings and direct to customer strategy.

Step 3
Go Direct with Text
90% of text messages get read within three minutes. Leverage this new marketing channel to cut through the clutter of email and deliver tee time specials to your customer’s mobile device. We can promote your Daily Deals on Facebook and Instagram. Text Messaging and Social Media Marketing are the best ways for you to go direct and online, cutting-out middle-men. It’s turn-key with Sagacity. We’ll take care of all the details.
Be where golfers are – their phones
Step 4
Engage with your golfers in new ways.
Be where golfers are – their phones

Stay connected with customers by making it easy for them to book, score, settle bets, and spend all in one place with your own golf course app. We handle all the technology and promotion – you reap the benefits.

Think having your own app is too much work? It’s not as hard as it sounds. Let Sagacity do it for you. We set up your app, introduce golfers to it, and get them using it while you focus on other priorities.

Let’s get going today.

There is no time like the present to optimize your course performance.

Customer Success Stories
  • Increased revenue by 26%

  • Increased Average Rate by 12%

  • Increased revenue by 28%

  • Grew text club membership

  • Increased revenue by 32%

  • Increased rounds by 27%

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