Golf courses are a small business and should always strive for new customers to experience what each uniquely offers. The question is, what can you be doing differently to get these new patrons? The key is knowing your market and what you can do to make it easier to choose your golf course.

Each golf course can be doing more to make their golf course revenue streamlined. Here are a few ways to simply advertise and attract more customers.

Idea #1 Social Media

We know golfers have a tendency to book their tee times last minute. These golfers tend to turn to a 3rd Party distributor, but if they see their golf course tweeting about their lowered rates for the weekend, they have an opportunity to book directly instead. If you manage your social media page consistently, you will grow in followers and reach and help your customers think of you before other courses.

Idea #2 Reward Your VIPs

The best customer is the customer who continues to play your course over and over again and brings a friend. Rewarding these top customers with a free round of golf will help them improve their game as well as thanking them for being a great representative of their sport.

Idea #3 Host a Charity Event

Sometimes the best way to make money is to share the spotlight with another business that needs help. Charity events are great publicity of how great the golf course operates and plays while also supporting a good cause.

Idea #4 Create Content

The game of golf is challenging. Creating educational material will promote your golf course while also advertising the knowledge of your teaching professionals. For example, creating a “How to improve your chipping” video and sharing it on your social media channels and golf course app will help drive new golfers and bookings to your website.

Idea #5 Incorporate GPS Technology

Some golf courses have rejected the idea of using GPS technology on their golf carts because of operation costs, but the GPS technology should be thought of as an advertisement platform. Using the GPS platform, you could advertise pro-shop promotions or tee time specials. It would also allow for golfers to be in communication with the clubhouse at all times.


Each golf course operates differently. Being consistent in your endeavors will help you calculate the ROI correctly on all the opportunities you offer to your golfers.

Want to learn more about golf course operation success? Read how to track golf course performance.

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