One of the biggest issues businesses face is customer service. On average, loyal customers are worth up to 10 times as much as their first purchase (source). Train employees how to properly interact with customers to insure that the best experience is achieved. A great customer service experience will keep golfers coming back again and again.

Here is a refresher on the easy and important ways to ensure that your employees are appropriately interacting with golfers.

1. Greet Customers

First impressions are very important. When a customer walks onto the course, an employee should always greet them. It’s important to look up from tasks when greeting.

2. Proper Uniform

Being able to properly differentiate between a customer and employee is important. Maintaining a clean and wrinkle-free uniform upholds the integrity of the course. Be consistent with the nametag placement. Consider asking all employees to be properly shaved with appropriate hair length.

3. Thank Customers

Thanking customers when checking them in for their tee time is step one. Have a receptionist or employee call golfers a 2-3 days after they played to thank them for choosing the course. Offer to book their next tee time on this call at a discounted rate to help fill your tee sheet.

4. Knowledgeable Employees

All employees should be informed of all upcoming tournaments, promotional events, and sales in the pro shop. Encourage employees to market promotional events through their social media channels and reward employees that bring in the most customers.

5. Dealing with Unsatisfied Customers

It’s important to quickly address any problems with customers. Recognize that the customer experience is the most important part of small business, the customer is always right. If management is to get involved, management should not leave the customer dissatisfied. Instead, management should amend the problem once the customer has left.

Be sure to encourage your customers to utilize all aspects of the employee duty: valet, bag drop, and club cleaners.

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It’s important to treat employees how employees treat customers. Reward top employees as well as encourage customers to utilize all the services offered.

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