Why You Need Sagacity Golf

Helps Elevate Golf as a Serious Player

As of 2016, the economic impact of golf on the US economy was $84.1 billion, of that $34.4 billion was investment in golf facility operations, and an additional $25.7 billion flows through golf related Hospitality & Tourism.

In many local markets, and golf destinations, golf is a serious driver of economic impact, responsible for thousands of jobs, significant revenue, and many related expenditures.  For those in the market, whose livelihood depend on golf, being able to know the performance of the entire golf market on a month-by-month basis is essential.

Destination Marketing Organizations, Professional Associations and Ownership Groups benefit from organizing their members, capturing anonymous performance data and using it to grow the golf business in their market.

Ask yourself, do other tourism based businesses know their sector’s performance numbers?  Yes!  Of course they do.

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Analyze the engine that drives golf facility revenues: tee times
  • Track Third Party tee time relationships.
  • Optimize tee time pricing.
  • Compare your golf course’s performance to your competitors in an anonymous, validated and balanced view.
Golf Benchmarking and Reporting

Lead the Market

Collaborate with us to Launch

Sagacity Golf is commited to help golf courses, industry ownership groups, professional trade associations,  and visitors bureaus grow their business through data driven understanding of rounds and green fee revenue performance.  To that end, Sagacity will work closely with the leaders in the market to create a program that will drive strong golf course adoption.

Sagacity Golf is offering one-of-a-kind market launch pricing so that the leaders in the market can bring this essential tool to the local participants with the maximum amount of financial upside as possible.

Independent, Vetted, Trusted Data

Because we confidentially collect data directly from the management systems at each individual golf course, the data can be trusted as accurate, anonymous and vetted, so that all those that refer to the data can trust its accuracy.  Again, as a participant in the local golf economy, this data is essential for validating market performance.

Participating Golf Courses

Golf Courses Receive Many Benefits

Beyond the benefit of knowing the overall direction of the local golf market, golf courses are able to leverage the business intelligence contained in our golf benchmarking report through actionable segments of the report.

With Benchmark, a participating golf course can:

  • Compare KPI’s to their competition.
  • Know the cost of Barter.
  • Manage 3rd Party marketing partners.
  • Confidently price tee time inventory.

Sagacity Golf delivers timely, accurate historical information about golf course performance. A growing number of managers are using this data to take action in the form of better reporting to ownership, changing 3rd Party relationships, and reworking loyalty cardholder programs.