Comparing your golf course performance to the wider market reveals the true health of your business. Benchmark by Sagacity Golf is the only way to know your golf course’s true performance. In one screen, see the numbers that matter most — your rounds, revenue, occupancy and booking mix — and how they stack up to your competition and market.

Golf Benchmarking Resource Articles

Big Data is a Perfect Fit for Golf

Big data is a perfect fit for golf. In just about every aspect of the golf industry, the collection and analysis of data will help advance the game.

Golf Benchmarking: Rounds and Revenue

When you contribute rounds and revenue data about your course’s performance to an independent, trusted third-party you are helping make the industry better.

Golf Marketing-Keeping Score-Tracking Stats

It’s ironic that in a sport like golf where statistics are so widely used they don’t track their stats when it comes to the business side of golf, especially rounds and revenue.

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