COVID-19 Tee Time Marketing Plan

Golf Course Operators and Owners are eager to get their golf courses open again. Golfers are itching to get back on the golf course. Given that adequately managed operations can create a great social distancing environment, golf courses should be one of the first businesses allowed to reopen in your area.

Don’t Throw Out the Data with the Tee Sheet

Now’s the time when many courses decide to switch over their tee sheet and point of sale (POS) systems. While upgrading your systems is usually a smart move, just remember to do it responsibly and preserve your historical booking data.

Unlock Revenue with the 50/20 Rule

Cardholder programs are a popular way to reward loyal customers, and to bring in extra revenue for your golf course throughout the year.

5 Golf Marketing Ideas to Drive Revenue

Golf courses are a small business and should always strive for new customers to experience what each uniquely offers. The question is, what can you be doing differently to get these new patrons? The key is knowing your market and what you can do to make it easier to choose your golf course.

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