How the Quick18 TeeSheet for Clover Connector works

Initial Setup Steps

Complete the initial setup steps below to begin using your Quick18 TeeSheet with Clover integration

STEP 1: Install the Quick18 TeeSheet app

  • Using a computer (not the clover station) login to the Clover Home Web Dashboard on the clover website
  • Click on the “App Market” icon.
  • Locate the “Quick18 TeeSheet” application in the App Market or search for “Quick18” in the search box, then click the selection.
  • Click on “Install”
  • Once installed find and click the Quick18 TeeSheet icon in your Clover Web Dashboard.  Doing so will grant Quick18 access to your Clover Merchant for processing check-in’s.
  • You can continue to step 2 below but Quick18 staff must complete additional setup steps before you are able to start using the Quick18 TeeSheet within Clover.

STEP 2: Setup Order Items for Check-In

Create your Greens Fee inventory items within Clover. These must be setup as “Variable” rate items so the greens fee price can be set from Quick18 at the time of checkin when the order is created.
Inventory Items become visible to Quick18 when they are associated with the Label in Clover named “Quick18 Greens Fee”. You then need to associate it with the Inventory Items that you want to use when checking in tee times

  • Click the Inventory icon from the Clover Web Dashboard or via the Inventory App on your Clover device
  • Click the “Labels” Tab or Menu item
  • Associate the Label “Quick18 Greens Fee” with each of the Greens Fee Inventory Items you will be using in Quick18.

STEP 3: Verifying Quick18 / Clover integration

You must open the Quick18 TeeSheet application at least once on each Clover device that will handle check-in’s.

If setup has been completed by Quick18 you will see your Facility Name and Merchant name within the Quick18 TeeSheet application on your Clover device.
If you do not see your Facility please wait for Quick18 to complete setup and/or contact Quick18 for support. You can not proceed to Step 4 if you do not see your Facility name within the Quick18 TeeSheet Clover application.

STEP 4: Quick18 Price Schedule setup

You must associate each Price Schedule and/or Detail within Quick18 to complete check-in’s

  • Log in to the Quick18 Admin
  • Click the Prices Tab
  • Edit each Price Schedule and select the Clover Inventory Item from the “POS Items” drop down that matches the Price Schedule. If no POS Items appear in your drop down click the “Refresh Items” link
  • Don’t forget to click Save on the Price Schedule Edit page

Congratulations your setup is complete

Proceed to Reservation Edit when you check-in golfers an order will be created in Clover and launch the Register application on the chosen Clover POS Device.