Member Accounts allow extending credit to members of a Quick18 Membership Program.

Member Accounts are created in the Quick18 Admin. The first time you create an Account (of any type) you MUST launch the Quick18 TeeSheet App on each clover device that will be used to process Member Account orders. Opening the App enables the custom tender and adds the “Q18 Account” button to the payments screen on the device.

To tender orders to a Member Account click the “Q18 Account” custom tender button on the payments screen which loads the Account Select screen. Find and click the appropriate Member account in the list to charge the payment to. All available Account types are shown in this list. You can narrow the list by choosing which Account Type or search via Account or Customer name.

Individual orders tendered to a Member Account increase the Balance Due for the account. Orders placed on account are listed within the Account Activities within the Quick18 TeeSheet App or within the Quick18 Web Admin. Members can be billed separately on a recurring schedule of your choice.

Creating Member Accounts

  • In Quick18 Web Admin click the POS tab and then select the Accounts [ Member ] sub nav.
  • Click the “Create New” link under the page title
  • Complete the form fields and click the Add button (field descriptions below).

Customer. Member to associate with the Account. Customers must already be a part of a Quick18 Member Program to be listed here.

Status. Member Account statuses are:
Pending – not selectable for tender
Open – selectable for tender on the Payments screen and Line Item Account in Clover
Closed – not selectable for tender
Cancelled – not selectable for tender

Credit Limit. This sets a maximum amount that can be charged to an account (Leave blank for no limit). Setting the credit limit to 0 would require prepayment in order to Tender orders to an Account.

Note. Any notes for the member account.

Enabling custom tender type in Clover

To enable the “Q18 Account” custom tender type in Clover you must open the Quick18 TeeSheet Clover application ON EACH device that will tender orders to an Account. You first need to create at least one Account (of any type) in Quick18. Once an account exists the Quick18 TeeSheet application will initialize the custom tender type upon next open.

If you do not open the Quick18 TeeSheet application at least once on each device the “Q18 Account” tender button will not show up on the Add Payment screen in Clover.

Charging orders to a Member Account

  • From the Add Payment screen in clover click the Q18 Account button in the Other section
  • Click the appropriate Member Account from the list to charge the order to.
  • Confirm your choice in the popup dialog by clicking Charge

Adding Member Account Payments

Each Quick18 Member Program will have a POS Inventory Item associated with it. Payments to an account are made by purchasing this Item. You can initiate a payment from the Quick18 TeeSheet app or directly from the Register.

Paying from the Quick18 TeeSheet App

  • Start the Quick18 TeeSheet application in Clover.
  • Locate and click the Account in the Accounts list.
  • On the Account details page click the Add Payment button.
  • Enter the amount of the payment and click OK to proceed.
  • An order is created in Clover with the appropriate POS Inventory Item. You are taken to the order payment screen in the Register app. Complete by processing the payment using your merchants accepted payment methods.

Paying from the Register App

  • Open the Register App.
  • Select the the appropriate POS Inventory Item and enter the amount of the payment.
  • If the same Payment Item is used for two or more Credit Accounts you will be prompted to select which account to apply the payment to. Locate and click the account in the list then click the Apply button.
  • The item will show on the order with the amount selected and the account it applies to.
  • Complete by processing the payment for the order using your merchants accepted payment methods.