The steps for selling a new Gift Card vs reloading an existing one are identical. If you scan or enter an existing card during the sale the existing card will be reloaded.

  1. Open the Clover Register App and add one of the Gift Card Items created to sell Gift Cards.
  2. If the item was variable priced enter the purchase amount for the Gift Card and click Set Price.
  3. The Quick18 App will launch prompting you to enter or scan the Gift Card number. Click the barcode icon in the lower left corner to scan a gift card barcode or enter the number manually and click Go.
  4. Optionally enter the customer details then click Add (or Reload if reloading an existing card). The Balance shown is the existing card balance (0.00 for new cards).
  5. Complete the Order and click Pay tehn complete the tender process.
  6. The customers gift card balance will update once the payment is completed. You can check the balance in the Quick18 Teesheet App under the Gift Cards menu option.