The first step after importing the golf data from the tee sheet into our secure server is mapping the fee names and distribution channels. We have identified seven rate categories where all fee types reside. This resource details the different fee categories we employ.

Default Rate Categories:

Every golf course chooses to set up and organize their inventory, items, and rate codes differently. Some courses keep it simple, others have dozens, if not hundreds, of SKU’s for green fee rates. For Sagacity to provide a manageable group of rates for comparison across the competitive set of golf courses, it is necessary to categorize the various rates codes of the golf course into these seven types:

1. Public

The public rate category is rounds of golf with the fewest or no restrictions. The public rate category includes 9 hole rounds, junior rounds, resident/non-resident rounds, replay rounds, resort rounds, senior rounds, and twilight rounds.

2. Cardholder

Cardholder rounds are golf rounds that are generated by a loyalty or frequency card. Typically, the card requires payment, and a fee is paid every time a golfer plays. Complimentary, cardholder-guests, replay rounds and promotional pricing related to the cardholder membership will fall into this category. The cardholder groups can be either the course’s cardholder program, a management company cardholder program, or ownership cardholder programs.

3. Promotional

Any round of golf at a discounted, contracted or negotiated rate that is not marketed to a cardholder or member falls into the promo rate category. Third Party, wholesaler, packages, military/first responder rates, condo and other associations where the rate is negotiated and not available to the public will also fall into the promo category. For the purpose off resorts and hotel, we include wholesaler rates or packages into this category.

4. Group

The group rate category is simple. Typically, the group rounds are larger than 16 players. In a resort environment, this includes hotel and resort groups. Learn about our Group pricing calculator.

5. Member

Member rounds are golfers who pay an annual fee and do not pay a green fee when they play a round of golf. Cart fees associated with member rounds are counted here. Guest fees associated with member rounds fall into this category.

6. Complimentary

All complimentary rounds include employee and marketing rounds. These rounds are categorized only when there is a $0 amount associated with the fee. When there is a dollar amount larger than $0, the fee is categorized as a promo round.

7. Barter

Barter rounds are most commonly associated with GolfNow, EZLinks, CourseTrends trade rounds. These Barter rounds are most commonly associated with GolfNow, EZLinks, CourseTrends trade rounds. These rounds are traded in place of technology and marketing, or other bartered relationships at a golf course.


The fee mapping process is different for every golf course. It is essential for golf courses to be consistent with their naming protocol for our standards. Mapping the fee categories is step one to building an accurate data report for each golf course.

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