Golf Social Media 101

If you’ve been reading our resources, your social media channels are posting weekly and are optimized to their fullest extent. This blog will focus on creating a promotional image for a golf shop sale or an upcoming event at the golf course. Images included in social media messages increase engagement by 125%. This promotional image will be shared on social media (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter). If you haven’t read our previous blogs about the benefits of social media in your golf marketing efforts, read them below:

Golf Marketing with Social Media:

Creating a graphic image to share on social media is fairly easy when you understand fonts, images, and colors. A shortcut to creating a great image is Canva. Canva is what we will use for this demonstration. Our “promotional” event will be social media related and run for the month of April.

Step #1- Selecting the layout

The first step to starting your graphic is selecting the proper layout. This is fairly easy, Canva’s templates are appealing and sized for social media. The best format of a social media shareable image has a whitebox in the middle which provides a solid background for the text. Fill the background behind the white box with an image of the golf course. Use the borders of the box and accent text c to input the golf course colors.

Step #2- Writing the content

The main information to add to this image are the “who, what, when, why and how” questions.

  • What is happening? A promotional discount of tee times.
  • Who gets this discount? Followers of the social media account, JohnDoeGC.
  • When are the discounted tee times available? Every Sunday, Monday and Tuesday in April, from 11am to 3pm.
  • Why do you get this discount? As a thank you for following us on social media.
  • How do you get the discount? Present this post at the point of check-in for 25% off.

Use a readable font style for your text. Insert the company logo instead of typing the name of the golf course. Keep your copy as concise as possible because this image is meant for a small screen.

Step #3- Share

Now is the time where you let your sharable image fly onto the web. Create a landing page on your website with more information for Facebook and Twitter social media shares. Because Facebook and Twitter can include anchor text within their message, sending interested visitors to your website will provide more information about the golf course as well as the offer. Instagram cannot anchor links within captions, but can anchor links within the biography of the profile. Consider updating the link from the website homepage directly to the landing page with the promotional offer during the month of April.

Below is the final copy of the shareable graphic made in Canva.


Creating a graphic is easy and images have high engagement. Social media posts with an image are shared 125% more than posts without images. Do you want to get your golf course noticed? Be sure to include images!

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