Don’t let money slip through your hands – dynamic pricing means you can bump up prices when demand is high. Sagacity automatically adjusts the rates in Quick 18 based on your pre-approved strategy, ensuring you bring in more revenue day in and day out.

Automatically earn more from your most popular hours and quickly sell off rounds at risk, so your bookings stay on track — while freeing up more time in your day. And the best part is that our Dynamic Pricing technology automatically integrates with your Quick 18 Tee Sheet.

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If you have 8 players booked in the 9am hour this Saturday, is that good or bad?

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Discover a never-before-seen window into your golf course’s earning potential with Sagacity Golf and Quick 18.

The Quick 18 integration provides access to our entire suite of pricing and revenue management products

Pricing Power Tools

Quickly arrive at the right price in Quick 18 for any tee time with patent-pending pricing tools.

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Customer Success Stories
  • Increased revenue by 26%

  • Increased Average Rate by 12%

  • Increased revenue by 28%

  • Grew text club membership

  • Increased revenue by 32%

  • Increased rounds by 27%

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