The Southwest PGA & Sagacity Golf presented a new Webinar series called Market Watch on 2.22.22. It’s an open forum to share best practices of revenue management in the golf industry. Mike Loustalot, Sagacity Golf Co-Founder and Chief Evangelist was joined by Don Rea, Secretary of the PGA of America and Owner/Operator, Augusta Ranch Golf Club. Follow us on LinkedIn to join our next webinar.

Mike and Don covered:

  • January Performance Data
  • PGA Operations Benchmark
  • Looking Ahead to March and April Power Hours
  • Revenue Management Q&A with the audience

Resources mentioned:

  • PGA Operations Benchmark
    The PGA Operations Benchmark is the only way to truly understand how your course compares to the market. Sign Up Today.
  • Introduction to Revenue Management
    Learn the fundamentals of golf course revenue management and develop revenue generation strategies for building a competitive advantage at your facility.
  • Power Hours
    Not all tee times are created equal — 20% of your tee times drive 50% of your total green fee revenue. These are your Power Hours: tee times with the highest demand, based on historical course and market data.
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