Listed below are some more great ways to improve a golf operation for the coming new year.

1. Check in golfers via POS and ETS

The best insights on profit come from historical data. Checking in golfers through the point-of-sale as well as the electronic tee sheet creates accurate, traceable numbers. Making this a habit in all pro shop employees will help management know the power of their tee times. Checking in golfers on both platforms may seem like a “no-brainer,” but it is important to always double-check that this is how the golf shop operates. Read more about the importance of checking in Your Golfers Through Your Electronic Tee Sheet. Don’t forget to always ask for customers’ email addresses.

2. Collaborate with Local Business

The small to medium business sector is a community of businessmen and women who are independently growing their businesses. It would be a loss if companies did not work together to create an experience unlike any other. Consider working with a local athletic club to host events where their members come and do a workout at the range and learn from the course’s PGA professional the ins-and-outs of a great swing.

3. Branch Out!

There are many opportunities to attract new customers and encourage current golfers to your golf course. Take Top Golf as an example. On a Friday evening, there is a 2-3 hour wait for a bay. There is an opportunity for golf courses in close proximity to the city, with a lit-range, to offer up a Top Golf feel. Crank up the tunes, hire a DJ, serve alcohol and hot wings and surely the 2-3 hour wait will seem silly when XYZ Golf Course offers a similar experience and they have openings right now. Consider hosting a foot golf event one or two days a month to get non-golfers out on the course.

4. Invest in a Data Report

The BEST way to prepare for a successful 2017 is to understand the power of the tee sheet. Tee times are a perishable product, and golf courses need to know how to accurately price their tee times in order to have netted the most profit. Does your management know how you compare to other golf operations? Does your golf course understand the 4 KPI’s in the golf industry? Consider using a data reporting business to help understand 3rd Party barter opportunity and rounds and revenue.


Some of these suggestions are not for every golf course; a private membership course might not see an increase in memberships by offering a Top Golf Friday, similar to how municipal courses could thrive with that new event. However, every golf course will benefit with social media, accurate historical data and a rounds and revenue management reports. Not everyone will remember to check in golfers both at ETS as well as POS. Refresh the minds of employess on what makes each golf course unique and successful.

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