2019 brings in the opportunity to create new business and new techniques for success. As January comes to a close, what can golf operations improve to increase profits from rounds and revenue as well as attract new customers? This is part one of two blogs on driving a successful 2019. Part one focuses on attracting new golfers.

1. Social Media

Social media offers many different channels of communication for content to find qualified customers. Features like hashtag and geotagging are standard on channels such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Understanding where customers are interested in communicating with businesses is important to consider when choosing which platforms to maintain. Employees should follow a style guide when posting for the company. Some things to consider in this style guide are: publishing time, the number of posts per day, responding to comments on company’s posts, which hashtags to use (including what the company’s hashtag is), and reposting of customers photos. If you have an account on social media, maintain it or delete it. Do not have an account with zero posts or the last post was from two years ago. Read more about optimizing Social Media Marketing for golf.

2. New Marketing Content

The New Year is an opportunity to change marketing techniques and try new sequences. Create new content on the website that makes customers excited to participate. Examples of content are videos that improve swing quality by the golf head pro, blog updates on the conditions of the course and news updates on upcoming sales and events. To assure that emails are delivered correctly, clean up any email lists: remove bounced email addresses and emails marked as spam. Continuing to send emails to bounced addresses will lower the company’s email server standing with customer’s email server.

3. Team Building Meetings

Treat your employees the way employees treat customers. Have team building meetings with donuts and great coffee to discuss monthly goals and upcoming promotions. Make sure all staff members are on the same page with coming events and tournaments. Branding the golf course is more than marketing material or occurring events; branding is the entire experience with a company. Create a golf course brand that is welcoming and knowledgeable and stand out from the crowd.

Here are some great reads on how to improve your golf operation:


Refresh the memory of all employees on what makes golf operations run smoothly. Some daily routines seem common knowledge to one and may be news to another. Check back next week to gain insight on electronic tee sheets and partnering with local small businesses to increase publicity.

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