SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — The ORCA Report co-founder and president Mike Loustalot announced a sponsorship with National Golf Course Owners Association Nevada (NGCOA Nevada) to provide NGCOA member golf courses The ORCA Report for a significant discount from the retail price.

The ORCA Report is an acronym for:

  • Occupancy – the number of golf rounds sold as a percentage of rounds capacity
  • Revenue per Available Round – the capture of revenue related to capacity
  • Channel Mix – where golf rounds come from, including direct, internet, 3rd Party resellers, call center, barter, etc.
  • Average Rate per Round — the average rate the golf course receives based on daily sales

According to Loustalot, a golf marketing technologies expert, the report helps golf course owners and operators in three distinct ways; explaining performance without bias, managing 3rd Party marketing or barter relationships, and comparing occupancy and rate performance between competitive courses at the day and day-part level.

“The ORCA Report is superbly aligned with the mission of NGCOA Nevada and allows the industry to have timely, accurate rounds and revenue data from public access golf courses in the state,” says Loustalot. “This data helps NGCOA Nevada tell the story of performance in an accurate, timely way.”

NGCOA Nevada follows a similar sponsorship arrangement made in 2016 by The ORCA Report and NGCOA California and a 2017 deal with NGCOA Arizona.

The sponsorship agreement will provide The ORCA Report to NGCOA Nevada members at a 30% discount from retail price. It will also help grow the NGCOA Nevada member base by including a membership to NGCOA Nevada in the retail price of the report for those courses not currently members.

NGCOA Nevada is dedicated exclusively to the interests and needs of Nevada’s golf course owners, operators, general managers, and others with an interest in the golf industry. An consultative council and management team leads the NGCOA with extensive expertise in the industry.

“The ORCA Report is already giving California Golf Course Owners Association (CGCOA) and NGCOA Arizona members a clearer picture of how to price rounds properly,” said Marc Connerly, Executive Director of CGCOA, NGCOA Arizona, and the Nevada Golf Course Owners Association (NVGCOA).  “The report provides insight on where there are opportunities to increase profits, including which rounds should and should not be discounted. It also measures the impact 3rd party barter rounds are having on profitability. I am excited to extend this offer into Nevada, where golf represents a key attraction to Nevada’s tourism and a vital economic source and employment base.”

The more golf courses that confidentially share data with The ORCA Report, the more accurate the report becomes. This puts the power back in the hands of the golf course owners, operators and tourism entities. The ORCA Report is being used by nearly 250 golf courses in the Southwest, Northwest and Midwest.

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