Do you know why it is important to make sure that everyone who plays a round of golf is booked, checked-in and paid through the tee sheet? There are some obvious reasons that everyone knows but there are some not-so-obvious reasons that are very important to the success of your business. This post is just a quick reminder of why it is important to be consistently doing this each and every day.

We have consolidated three great reasons why you should use your electronic tee sheet and point-of-sale system in unity to create a more accurate view on your golf course operations.

  • Reason #1- You Match Tee Times to Real Dollars

    Your tee time is a perishable product.  When a tee time passes un-filled or partially-filled, you have lost that revenue opportunity forever. When you assure that everyone is checked-in with the proper rate code attached and marked at the correct time, you are creating a consistent historical account of rounds and revenue by time of day. This data becomes the foundation for all revenue and yield management analysis going forward.

  • Reason #2- You Collect More Data on your Customer

    This is a fundamental step to understanding the lifetime value of that golfing customer. There is the person that books the round and there is the one, two, or three others who also play in that group.  Compiling customer data of the additional players (including telephone number or email address) will allow you to set up and maintain unique records in your golf course marketing database. This will tailor your calculations for each golfer’s rounds and popular tee times. You will be able to target each individual through personalized marketing campaigns that revolve around days, times, and green fees paid.

  • Reason #3- Tournaments, Large Groups, and Events

    (When you have worked hard to assure that individual golfers are reserved, checked-in, and paid, you want to handle large groups with the same care. By not checking in large groups, tournaments, or events through your tee sheet and opting to jump directly to the point-of-sale, you are sabotaging your data. We’ve seen many of the best operators use the tee sheet to block the event but never ‘check-in’ the golfers.  This bypasses the ‘date, time, and revenue’ time stamping of all of these rounds.  If you do this, all of your occupancy based calculations may be inaccurate!


We have all heard the saying “garbage in, garbage out,” we know what it means. This is what we are trying to help you avoid. Taking additional time in the moment to better document performance will improve your future decisions by rewarding you with quality data. Superior information allows for the leadership team to make excellent decisions to help continue success at your home course!

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