As a Golf Management company, tasks and responsibilities multiply across properties. Sagacity Golf simplifies tee time pricing, so you can win back time in your day – and drive new revenue for the courses you manage.

Imagine being able to set the best price for every course, without digging through numbers and spreadsheets. Sagacity Golf instantly reveals where you can increase green fee revenue for each property, based on historical data and current market demand.

Golf Management companies using Sagacity products are saving time and adding unexpected value to their properties.

Products for Golf Management Companies

What our customers say

“Sagacity Golf’s data is very actionable. Without it, I’m having to pull together multiple reports, consolidate them and then figure out what’s relevant and what’s not. Sagacity Golf really strips it down to some real numbers that you can have confidence in. It also has a good historical snapshot of not just your property, but also the comparable properties that you’re measuring up against.”

Matt Czisny
Revenue Manager, Arcis Golf

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