Get every drop of revenue from your most popular times

Don’t let money slip through your hands – dynamic pricing means you can bump up prices when demand is high. Sagacity automatically adjusts the rates based on your pre-approved strategy, ensuring you bring in more revenue day in and day out.

Never over-discount again

Stop worrying about the open space on your tee sheet. Sagacity tracks your bookings and identifies times that aren’t filling up like they should, based on your historical demand. Then it promotes and sells them directly to your golfers – automatically.

Take control of your bookings

Stop depending on third-party sites to book open tee times – book golfers on your website and build course loyalty instead. Track your monthly performance against the market and the weather to know if you’re on pace.

Easily keep an eye on your tee times

Understand exactly how your bookings are trending. If they’re not filling up like they ought to, you’ll get a heads-up. And you’ll also see when everything’s working out just right.

What is dynamic pricing?

Also known as surge pricing, dynamic pricing varies the price of your tee times based on demand.

But here’s the secret: Only Sagacity can accurately and automatically determine the right price based on the true demand for tee times – using your historical data and Sagacity’s proprietary market information.

Integration Partners

Integrate your tee sheet to our Dynamic Pricing technology with ease.

Club Caddie Dynamic Pricing Integration Partner
Club Prophet Dynamic Pricing Integration Partner
EZ Links Dynamic Pricing Integration Partner
foreUP Dynamic Pricing Integration Partner
Quick 18 Dynamic Pricing Integration Partner
Lightspeed Golf Dynamic Pricing Integration Partner
Omni Golf Dynamic Pricing Integration Partner

Make sure the price is always right

Squeeze every dollar out of your bookings with dynamic pricing.

Customer Success Stories
  • Increased revenue by 26%

  • Increased Average Rate by 12%

  • Increased revenue by 28%

  • Grew text club membership

  • Increased revenue by 32%

  • Increased rounds by 27%

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